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Game Fund Partners

Why We Built RE3W

RE3W, which stands for Real Third Web, is built as a comprehensive boutique for web 3 related services. When we spoke to friends and leaders in our network about what we do at Game Fund Partners they were excited about the opportunities but had no idea how to properly enter the market or maneuver around the metaverse. We realized there was an immediate need to form a business that helps individuals who are new to the space or seasoned veterans that simply require specialized assistance. We believe digital assets should be unlocked for clients and the community. We want companies and individuals that are in web 2 to be equipped with a strategy that works in web 3.

We build our own worlds and metaverse experiences. We also work with partners and clients on their developments through stories, community, and digital asset direction. We work on contract reviews, digital asset research, partnerships, gaming and esports management, virtual property bundling, and more. We also collect digital assets for our vault. Our team comes from various backgrounds and offers bespoke advisory services. Go To http://www.RE3W.com

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