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Game Fund Partners

Why We Own Smilesss NFT’s

There are thousands of generative NFT collectables on the market with different functions. Some are shared as memes and others used to build stories and friendships. More are being built to deploy companies as well as billion dollar video game economies. Collecting and trading established NFTs can be a full time job. We often spend some of our internal stand up meeting time reviewing upcoming NFT projects that do not have an already established “floor” (the term used to understand the base value of what a collector is willing to sell for). We also consistently review NFTs we’re currently holding.

A collection of NFTs we currently hold is Smilesss, an innovative collection and company founded by Waheed Ahmadzai and Giovanni Gussen. Smilesss is a streetwear and culture brand originally centered around the story of Waheed himself which you can learn more about at Smilesss.com. We often look for NFTs that can establish culture, story, community, holder speculation, and eventual path to revenues through consumer products. Since “mint”, the term used in web 3 when a project collection launches, Smilesss has collaborated with some of the biggest streetwear brands such as the hundreds, dived into esports with eFuse, hosted parties with rap artists, and continually build around quality art. They will soon push 10,000 ETH in trading volume with an 8% fee on all trades delivered to the Smilesss company.

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