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Game Fund Partners

Why Did We Invest In Discord?

Despite popular belief that the metaverse is new and untested, gaming has offered social experience and economy for over 20 years. World of Warcraft instituted guilds to form which allowed strangers around the game to form communities. Playstation home on the PS3 was offering digital fashion services and communication networks from 2008 to 2015. Xbox Live services made it possible for strangers to compete against one another on Modern Warfare. Play to earn in some form has also existed for several decades. Teams of friends or colleagues have competed online and offline in esports tournaments where cash and credibility is on the line. Every iteration of successful online gaming has had one thing in common…the most successful online games were centered around coordinated communication. 

Communication, along with payment rails and asset ownership, will be the most important aspect of the maturing metaverse. One of the most successful communication platforms in the world for gaming is Discord. With over 100 million monthly active users, Discord is the first choice for most gamers. Discord has also become the default platform for web 3 communities as they coordinate operations. We immediately understood the value of this platform which has become a daily service for hardcore gamers.

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